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On Jinluen beach by Pacific Ocean in Taimali, Taitung, Taiwan, diligent local people fishi




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Sea Legend is made up of a group of avid fishermen and engineers off of the coast of Texas and Florida. Deeply rooted in fishing culture and traditions. It was founded on the principle of preserving the fishing lifestyle in our communities and passing that knowledge to our younger generation and others that are wanting to learn it. This led into how we can unite those passionate about this ancient lifestyle.


In May 2019, Sea Legend was born.  


The idea was bringing new innovative fabric technologies to our fishing communities, to solve problems that many face with high cost, performance, quality, and sun protection. With their designing and engineering background, a simple idea transformed into a movement of passionate fishermen who demand the highest quality and performance from their fishing gear out on the water from sunrise to sunset. 


Their mission and motto? "Gear Designed by Fishermen for Fishermen" Designed for fishing, engineered to protect through innovation and technology. Sea Legend offers unrivaled performance, quality and comfort in sun protection in any condition on the water at a reasonable cost. Deeply rooted in fishing culture and traditions. We have brought something special to the table that is superior in quality and performance. From the novice to the most seasoned angler. It is a brand that values not one type of angler but all. Join our journey and become part of our community. 

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When it comes to performance, blood stain is one of the biggest challenges in a fisherman's life. To combat this, our HYDRO-TECH FIBER uniquely engineered from 100% recycled PET is intergraded into our designs. The fibers are stretched and spun with selected natural fibers to form a strong yarn that naturally beads up any liquid, repels blood, oils, fruit juices, coffee, the list goes on. Scientifically tested and certified, the resulting fibers can withstand high UV exposure from the sun and still retains its fiber strength without the aid of chemicals. This naturally increases UV protection, durability, breathability, and moisture wicking ability. It's the perfect solution to combat blood stain for any fisherman seeking elite fishing gear with the highest performance and quality.


As fishermen, comfort in the heat is one of the biggest challenges we face. To combat this, the finest Miruku Fiber produced from week-old soured milk is transform it into a silky-smooth high-end fiber used in luxurious fashion. Unlike cotton, wool and silk, it has a much higher strength. Therefore, it is mildew resistant, antimicrobial, abrasion resistant, and not prone to aging and can remain as bright a new after many uses. The fiber is intergraded into our designs using a proprietary technique. The resulting fiber has natural thermal regulating properties similar to a layer of human skin. Because milk proteins contain amino acid, it is extremely soft with an elegant luster and skin friendly. It is breathable and has great moisture conduction. These characteristics has a protective effect on the skin by cooling and moisturizing the skin and keeping it smooth in extreme heat. 



Designed to open and move with the body for maximum performance. Our four-way stretch fiber forms to the body perfectly for comfort and durability. It blocks out 99.99% of UVA and UVB without using any chemical compounds. It is engineered from 100% re-cycled plastics and spun using a proprietary technique. It is highly resistant to heat with a UPF50+ certified rating. This allows our fabric to breathe and absorb moisture to keep your body much cooler in the brutal sun. 


At Sea Legend, we use the highest quality ink and technique for all our design. Sublimation printing offers the highest quality printing in the market using heat and pressure to fuse ink onto the fabric. The process converts ink from a solid to a gas state without it becoming liquid using heat and pressure. An important thing to note about dye sublimation is that the ink isn’t just applied on top of the material. Instead, it’s absorbed right into the material, becoming an integral part of it. This is the reason we chose sublimation print. It doesn't fade or wash off, lasting much longer than a screen print or a DTG print. 


Eliminate Water Pollution


Pollution is by far the biggest threats to our oceans and water ecosystem. There is a lot of pollutants including plastic, oil and other harsh chemicals such as lead and arsenic finding their way into our waterways, and it eventually gets into the lakes, seas and oceans. All these pollutants end up threating the balance of our marine and freshwater ecosystem. 


Fortunately, there are ways that we can protect our water resources and make our ecosystem safe for everyone, including marine life. Sea Legend is committed to preserving and protecting our water ecosystem. We know and understand the importance of our part. We are fishermen after all.

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint


Carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas produced by an individual through burning of fossil fuel, land clearances, manufacturing and production of materials and goods we need to survive. This is the main cause of the global warming effect. Global warming is a problem that is affecting water life in many ways. The increase in heat waves in our seas and oceans has led to the loss of coral reefs. They play a critical role in balancing the marine life and the marine ecosystem. The loss of seagrass beds due to heatwaves has also reduced the population of herbivores in our seas. We are committed to supporting and reducing our carbon footprint by using more natural fibers and less aggressive processes in our products. 


Sustainable Fishing


The high demands for seafood and the age of new technology have led to devastating fishing practices that are depleting our fisheries and shellfish populations around the globe. Though we understand some of us have to earn a living. Our actions ensures the survival of each species for the next generation. As responsible fishermen. It is our responsibility to teach others sustainable fishing methods and awareness. In turn they would teach others and apply the same methods into their lifestyle. These practices will ensure the survival or our fisheries and marine ecosystem for future generations. 

Protect and Clean Our Beaches


Beaches have increasingly become popular relaxation sites for millions of people across the world. Unfortunately, it is one of the most cause of pollution in our waterways and oceans. Beaches are vital for marine life habitat and protection from waves, wind and storm surges. Without our beaches, we are vulnerable to the elements and so are our marine life and birds. Educating others the importance of these practices is critical. We are committed to supporting every effort to keep our beaches healthy and clean.



A fisherman's brand is who we are. Gear designed by fishermen for fishermen. We are dedicated to design top of the line premium gear that is specific to your lifestyle. 


Our mission is to manufacture high quality fishing gear at an affordable price for our customers by using the latest technologies, best materials and unique designs. We are committed to do this for those who enjoy our lifestyle.


All gear we manufacture are made from 100% recyclable PET and natural materials. One less plastic bottle floating in the ocean. 


We evolve with technology for our designs. We continue to research more natural materials to intergrade into our designs and use less aggressive processes. Reducing our carbon footprint is important to us. 


We are deeply rooted in fishing customs and traditions. It's our core value. Be part of a brand that truly value who you are. 


 Conservation is second nature to us. We believe in managing and preserving our resources and support it 100%. We are committed to teach others about conservation and our natural resources.

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